Facts to remember before selling your home

Buying a newly constructed home is entirely different from purchasing a home that has been previously owned by someone else. You should be very familiar and should have a clear understanding of how the process works. Here are some of the important things to consider when buying a newly constructed home.
1.Choosing the Right Agent
It is important that you choose the right agent who has got experience in the new construction to represent your best interest, advising you on the structure you offer to be the most appealing to the builder to make choices that can affect the home’s resale value. You want your agent to accompany you during the site registration policies for the first few visits. Get the assistance and advises from the top builders in south India who can give you valuable tips and suggestions.
2. Price Your Home Right
Careful not to over price your home. Over-pricing will decrease the buyer interest,. One of the best ways to increase the price of your house when selling you need to find out how much other homes, similar to your own, recently sold for in your neighborhood area. You can either talk to home sellers agent ,either you can check out the real estate listings in your local newspap

3. Repair it or Replace it

Walk through the house and make a list of all the notes which need to be repaired and/or replaced.
Paint rooms to looks things good .
Paint the Front door, garage door
Replace house numbers with new,
Replace burned out light bulbs
Replace broken or outdated appliances,
Re-caulk/Re-grout tiles in baths and kitchens.
4.Advertising the house
You should first need to find out how much the local papers charge for house advertisements and then decide of how much you want to spend.you can you the socail media website for the adverstising just creat a page and post the information about the house you need to sell make a good clean post befoe makeinh a advertisingYou could also use website advertisements as a guide to the format and wording. It is also possible to advertise very cheaply in website . It is advisable for you not to give the address but to provide a telephone number in the Advertising
5. Negotiate and Accept an Offer
When a home buyer or agent makes an deal , you should consult with your attorney. Some time both the Buyers and sellers have an good Attorney Review time Period, which is usually 3 to 4 days, to cancel or amend the offer.

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