great to add to a new home under construction

Countdown timers for your bathroom/toilet exhaust fans. It’s bad enough when Uncle Larry uses the toilet and shuts the fan off before the air clears; the timer will keep the fan running long enough to clear the air and shut off. Better yet, control the bathroom lights and fans with an occupancy sensor. The fan will come on automatically (Uncle Larry can’t forget to turn it on) with the lights, and remain on for a few minutes after the toilet is vacated. Be sure to use LED lighting for energy efficiency.
Server room. You need a place for your central media server and associated audio/video distribution gear. This equipment will generate a lot of heat, so the room needs to have a dedicated HVAC system. Your main home HVAC system will not be able to serve this area, as the heating and cooling needs will be different than for the rest of the house. Mini-split heat pumps work great for this application.
Roof access. If you have any kind of a view, the view from the roof will be the best. On a hot summer night, you can go up there for privacy, fresh air, and relax with territorial vistas.
Craft room/workshop. You need a space where you can spread out the hobbies that you are working on, without having to clean it up before company comes. Build in lots of shelves and storage. Include a sink for washing up.
Hot water. If your home is large, either install a circulated hot-water system (so you won’t have to wait for hot water) or install multiple water heaters near each use zone. Hot water should not travel through more than about 20ft (6m) of 3/4″ (25mm) nominal pipe, or 40ft (12m) of 1/2″ (20mm) nominal pipe. Further than that becomes frustrating and wastes both water and energy. (Those lengths are my opinion only.) Note that a circulation system is less energy efficient than multiple water heaters (due to larger effective radiant surface area), but results in less water waste because you won’t dump as much down the drain waiting for hot water.
Cast iron drain pipes. When Uncle Larry uses the upstairs toilet above the living room, all your guests will hear it if you use plastic drain pipes. Using cast iron drain pipes above the bottom floor will silence this noise. Plastic pipes are fine in the crawl space or below grade

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