Selecting a Payroll/HRM Software Supplier

For any company, human resources are one of their most valuable assets. For this reason it is essential that sufficient focus is given to the selection of a reputable software supplier.

HRMS software in UAE are extremely intricate and it is critical that the supplier you choose can not only prove their position in the market place but are financially viable and able to provide outstanding references. It is not sufficient to choose a supplier purely on the basis of existing relationship.

Software Accreditation

Make certain that the software is accredited under the Payroll Management software in UAE. Standard Accreditation Scheme. The scheme is update regularly and all software that is accredited is checked annually to ensure that it continues to comply with current legislation. The scheme handles accreditation in:

o Calculation of tax and National Insurance contributions

o Electronic exchange of HMRC returns and payments

o Customer service

o Handling of statutory records and deductions

The HMRC website gives more information about the payroll cloud software in UAE Standard Accreditation Scheme.


Human Resource Management is about more than just payroll so today, most of the better payroll software application integrate with modules that handle:

o Time and attendance

o Appraisals

o Training

In addition, your payroll software should integrate seamlessly with your business accounting package.

Electronic Filing

Electronic filing of HMRC returns and payments facilitates saving time and effort. Try to find a supplier that allows electronic filing for all forms that can be filed electronically. Currently the HMRC are giving financial incentives for electronic filing so you need a payroll cloud software in UAE system that handles electronic submissions to benefit from these incentives.

Software Updates

Most suppliers will charge an annual subscription or support fee for updates on rates and legislation charges. Check how much these costs will be. In addition, find out how updates will be made available to you and how often.


Excellent support is an essential requirement for any payroll application because of its critical nature. If you have a problem on payday then you need a resolution immediately. Check on the support response times with your supplier and the levels of support offered.

Bearing these important factors in mind when you’re choosing a Payroll Management software in UAE. supplier should help ensure that your payroll installation will run effectively and efficiently allowing you to focus on running your business.

RuleHR acts as a bridge between human resource management and information technology. RuleHR facilitates all functions of the Human Resource Department that deals with complete recruitment process, Staff management, Attendance & Leave Management, Payroll Management, Performance Appraisals & Training etc. In fact, RuleHR can be used to simplify the daily activities involved in the HR & Payroll Department. Human Resource Software in UAE, hr software in UAE


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