Finding USA Jobs in Challenging Times

Finding USA jobs in challenging times can be as hard or as easy as we make it. If folks are on the ball and flexible, jobs exist. Our economy is undergoing change on a vast scale. This is partly due to the new worldwide economy and the undeniable reality of the Internet. In fact, the United States is moving from having a mostly manufacturing environment to one that’s more service-based.

Thinking that a service-oriented work environment means one that isn’t as robust when it comes to paying wages is a common, but mistaken, fact. In truth, more jobs than ever before in the services fields pay good wages. Things like home medical billing or transcription exist, and jobs like these are an ever-growing fact of life.

More-and-more, the traditional manufacturing assembly line environment is diminishing. Many elements of it will always exist though; just not in the vast numbers once seen in the USA or anywhere else in the world. This is because automation and development of new manufacturing processes have led to new efficiencies.

federal government jobs

This new reality means that more of these people will need retraining or a new mindset when it comes to what they are and aren’t able to do. They’ll be the masters of their own fates, to be honest.

In the USA, certain regions and areas are affected by the loss of jobs more than in others. The Midwest zone, home of the auto manufacturing base, has been hit the hardest. The number of jobs lost in the last ten years has been staggering. In fact, at least two of the car companies are in danger of permanently dying off. Will workers at these companies find similar jobs elsewhere? That answer should be obvious. So, what to do?

Well, the answer lies in changing a mindset, first of all. And coming to the realization that Darwin is probably right: Failure to adapt is what dooms a species. It’ll be up to many of us who find ourselves on the losing end of a pink slip to rapidly adapt, and get out there and find those new jobs. This means flexibility in deciding where and when to work.

It’s realized that many people have roots that aren’t easily pulled it. But if the choice is between obsolescence and maybe moving a little further out into the sunlight — in order to figuratively ensure photosynthesis and life-sustaining energy — then the choice is obvious. Start training for new jobs in new fields and in other parts of the country.

There are a myriad of job or career building websites out there, and folks who don’t or won’t accept the power of the Internet could fail if they don’t “get it.” They need to take rapid measures to ensure that doesn’t happen. Their children can help with the cause by assisting them in their online search. Also, plenty of CD-ROM based tools exist which can also help in the hunt.

It’ll be our own failure of will that dooms us in this new digital millennium, if we fail to adapt, improvise, and overcome. The Dodo bird once had its day, but it failed to come to grips with a new environment. Are we Dodo birds? That answer, too, should be obvious federal jobs




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