How To Train a Call Center Agent for Better Customer Support

Call center agents are the straight contacts of the potential customers to your organization. It is therefore, essential that your customer calling agents are responsible for serving the customers with utmost help and take the company’s position to the top. The agents are the pillars of a call center and play an outstanding role in defining the organization’s CRM strategy. The training process of the new comers in a call center can vary in accordance with the business processes. But, the basic aims and objectives behind the training is always ‘ Effective Communication Skill.’

Here are few of the techniques that are used to train the employees before starting any of their calling processes:

Explaining the Company Overview: The role played by a trainer will decide the future of the calling agents. Explain all the matters that are related to the organization so that the agents can have a good perspective towards working for the common goal of the organization. Show them the work-flow of the systems; they would be doing in favor of them. Moreover, the agents should be well aware of all the basic details that are taking place within the organization. Allowing them understanding the underlying business will help them co-operate in the actual business process carried within Call Center Services.

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Soft-skills Training: Soft-skills plays a vital role in BPO. The commanding conversation over telephone is always supported by a good command of the language. Therefore, a trainer needs to dedicate their effort in such a manner that the Training for call center managers agents can answer or ask any matter without any hesitation. Customers like to talk to a person who can communicate them with all the messages without leaving them confused or unanswered.

A calling agent needs to develop their skills so that the process of communication in a BPO is complimented with the following traits, mentioned below:

· Telephone etiquette

· Accent-neutralization training

· Customer management

· Time management & team work

· Crisis and stress management

Always make sure that the trainer provides you rigorous training in the above mentioned areas.

Hard Skills Training: Soft-skills followed by hard skills will give you a better chance of job profile. A proper know-how of all the computer fundamentals inspire you to dedicate your interest in positive manner. Learn the basic tools and shortcuts of MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint that can assist in implementing your skills for easy understanding of VoIP telephone equipment, desktop computer, customer care management applications.

The practical training rather than a scripted training is much better in providing a realistic ambiance. If a calling agent caller is instructed with a real telephonic conversation, a trainer can easily point out the areas where the calling agent is lagging behind. Ask them to practice the calls within their colleagues until and unless the process is transparent.

Providing Instructions Manual: There are many aspects when a service business coaching to learn the phrases and words that are a part of telephone etiquette. It is advisable to the trainers that they provide them with soft copies and instruction manuals so that they can take a direct help during the conversation process. Never try to make it too technical and lengthy.

It is recommended that the trainers allow the customers to take help of all the resources that can build their confidence. Whether it is Internet or any book, it is the responsibility of the instructor to provide them with all the resources that boost their communication skills. Giving video instructions is a very efficient method to train the calling agents.

All these above mentioned techniques are important to follow while delivering an effective training session. Coach call center Outsourcing is a very demanding trend that has influenced the lifestyle of customer support industry. Better be prepared with the resources because you may never know when a business proposal is going to knock your fortune.


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