Choosing the Right Orthopaedic Office Chair

An orthopaedic office chair gives lower back support, helps promote good posture, and aids in alleviating back pain. Here are some of the features that you should look for before you buy ergonomic office chairs.

Height is important in buying an

shoulder and elbow treatment Cheshirea office chair. This is so because a good office chair should allow you to adjust the height for you to sit comfortably with feet flat on the floor and knees are at 90 degrees parallel to your hips.

Its armrest should support your arms enabling your shoulder to rest at a comfortable position when you are doing your office jobs. Arm rest is a vital feature when your job entails encoding at the computer for many hours. It should also be adjustable in height and position for you to bend and allow different positions depending on your arm and shoulders.

The Backrest of an shoulder and elbow  treatment Manchester office chair should maintain and support the normal curve of your spine. It should give support in your lower back and should be high enough to hold up your shoulder and neck allowing you to bend and move while you are sitting. There are chairs that allow you to recline while sitting. An ergonomic chair should also protect and support your hips. Check its depth and make sure that it is comfortable when you sit on it. When sitting down, you should have at least 2 inches between your back knees Best Shoulder and Elbow injury Surgery Manchester.

Before buying an shoulder injury SURGERY in MANCHESTER, try to assess what you are doing most of the time in the office. Are you answering phone calls most of the time, are you encoding, or do you roam around the office. In this manner, you will be able to list the characteristics of your chair to help you with your choice. After thorough study of your ergonomic office chair needs, you can visit stores to consider the chair’s level of comfort and support. It is also important to choose the style, color and material of your chair. Ergonomic chairs come in different styles and materials; leather, fabric or net chairs. You will be able to choose what color and style you need in order for you to maximize the use of the chair. The right choice of office chairs will help keep your productivity at work high while reducing physical stress. The chair should have a good back and neck support and should be strong enough to be used for a longer period of time in the office.


Mr. Narayana Prasad is a Consultant orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in Shoulder and elbow surgery with particular interest in arthroscopy, sports injury, shoulder and elbow replacement and management of fractures. Mr. Prasad works at BMI Alexandra hospital After obtaining his medical degree, Mr. Prasad completed a Masters degree in Trauma and orthopedics. He joined as a clinical research fellow at University hospital of Wales, Cardiff where he developed a keen research interest in shoulder and elbow replacement. Mr. Prasad completed basic and higher surgical training in trauma and orthopaedics under Wales training programme, UK. shoulder injury SURGERY in CHESHIRE, Best orthopaedic shoulder surgeon manchester, Best orthopaedic shoulder surgeon CHESHIRE, SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGERY MANCHESTER, orthopaedic shoulder surgeon manchester, Best SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGERY MANCHESTER


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